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50 greatest covers

Complex Magazine recently put out a list of their 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Magazine Covers and another naming Hip Hop’s 50 Greatest Album Covers.   I am proud to say my work is on both.

In the spring of ’96 I started working with Daniel Hastings.  Our first project together was designing a cover for Stress Magazine.  Before we met, Danny shot Jay-Z in lower Manhattan in front of the twin towers and he wanted me to hook-up the layout.  Stress was a new publication, this was Jay’s first magazine cover, and “Reasonable Doubt” hadn’t come out yet.  When the magazine dropped posters of the cover were all over NYC.  My work on that project solidified my spot in Danny’s crew, Cartel.  Fifteen that cover earned us the #28 slot on Complex’s list.

The first time I heard “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” was in the summer of ’02.  50 played the album for me in his grandmother’s living room while we were discussing the direction of the album packaging shoot.  Everyone involved with that project knew it was special and the music set a high standard for the visuals.  Sacha Waldman did an amazing shoot and we worked together to create images images that were unlike anything else that was out at the time.  Mission accomplished.  Our hard work landed us the #44 spot.

A few people I spoke with thought 50’s cover was low on the list.  For me, this list represents 30+ years of material and being included means more than the ranking.

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